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Monday, 20 July 2009

Sacred Music Composition Competition

The Sacred Arts Foundation is having composition competition.

Furthermore, they provide this excellent, (at least at first glance,) guide to composing Mass settings.
In providing a guide for composing a Mass for liturgical use, the Foundation for Sacred Arts intends to outline a starting-point firmly rooted in the tradition and aesthetic desires of the Church. In composing for the Mass, it is important that any desire for artistic innovation and/or musical progress be rooted in Church tradition as well as the very real spiritual needs of the liturgy. All liturgical music must be subservient to the sacred texts, prayers, and the actions of the Mass. As such, we echo the American Bishops Conference in saying that “pastoral musicians should receive appropriate formation that is based on their baptismal call to discipleship; that grounds them in a love for and knowledge of Scripture, Catholic teaching, Liturgy, and music; and that equips them with the musical, liturgical, and pastoral skills to serve the Church at prayer”

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