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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

"Leave Me the Hell Out of Your Out of Your Hellish Abomination"

I've been imagining conversation the Blessed Mother might be having lately.
It may be a touch irreverent, though not, i believe, as irreverent of invoking Mary in support of the killing of the preborn.
I can't believe she wouldn't have something to say about  this.
I know there are "seers' out there who profess to be delivering messages from the Virgin, have any of them weighed in?
when God chose Mary to become the mother of His Son, He did so not by force or compulsion but by invitation and request. Mary was free in deciding whether or not to conceive a child. Many women and girls do not enjoy such freedom.
"Leave me the Hell Out of Your Out of Your Hellish Abominations"

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