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Monday, 4 April 2016

So, Benedict's Not the Only One Who May Have Retired a Bit Too Soon?

I kid - obviously the Pope Emeritus like the retired recently deceased Theologian of the Papal Household deserved, and undoubtedly needed some rest.

But look what Cardinal Cottier said of his "job," and think of how useful he could have been in the age of papal improv:
Before his retirement, Cardinal Cottier explained to the Catholic News Service that the most important part of his job was to ensure that the many thousands of words written by Vatican aides did not contain any dubious theology or phrases which could embarrass the Church.
The cardinal explained that he also had to ensure that the Pope did not express too much about some topics. “By this, I mean that when we have a theological issue that is still open to discussion and study, it’s not a good thing that the Pope pronounce on it too early. Because when the Pope speaks with authority, it means the discussion is closed.”

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