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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Pope Francis Is Not Always Talking To You!

Yet more proof, were it needed, that the Holy Father's experience, upbringing, perspective -- all are vastly different from mine, (and, I suspect, from that of most of the Enlgish-speaking 1st world,) so if he seems to harp on a problem of whihc I see no evidence, or fixate on an aspect of the human condition that is not even on my radar - GET OVER IT, Scelata!
Fortune tellers and seers cannot lead people to eternal life, and those who listen to such charlatans are not following Jesus, Pope Francis has said....
“He who follows Jesus is not mistaken!” the Pope said.
“Some people might say, ‘Yes, father, but things are difficult. So many times I don’t see clearly what to do. I was told that there was a seer and I went here or I went there; I went to a fortuneteller, who read the cards.’ If you do this, you do not follow Jesus! You follow another who gives you another path, a different (path),” Francis added.

"I see a tall, dark pope in your future...."

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