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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Readying the Nursery, and Creating Paradise

There is a baby on the way in our family.
The first-time parents are a typical modern couple of a certain class, lived in various world capitals, worked in glamour professions, status conscious, quite well-off and so believe, (mistakenly I imagine, if it were ever put to the test,) that they'd rather have no-thing than the wrong thing or the inferior thing.

I think the arrival of Young Sir, and living with the little gentleman will disabuse them of this notion.

But meanwhile, the family house in the right neighborhood has been purchased, (its predecessor was smaller and chicer but frankly, dangerous for a small child,) the walls of the bedroom which is most easily darkened and made quiet has been painted with the exact right shade of Pratt & Lambert (Scrim of Mist,) [or was it Benjamin Moore's Amethyst Shadow? I zoned out of the conversation,] a legacy cradle displayed but the best current cradle/bassinet/whatever purchased and set up, the Birthing Room arranged for, etc., etc., etc.
And within the week, Fauntleroy will be welcomed into this baby paradise.

All this, done in the correct order.

Of COURSE. As it must be.
The things one MUST do first are really just in the service of the thing one does last. Chronological precedence is nearly the opposite of actual precedence.

The house, the nursery and the crib are for the baby, not the other way around.

There seems to be a bizarre effort afoot, in the interest of preserving God's creation, (and a laudable interest that is,) of implying or saying outright that Man is just one more part in the whole of Creation.
In this light, being kind to a hamster carries the same moral weight as being kind to the guy next door.
Failing to recycle that aluminium can becomes a greater sin that giving the Lord the worship He is due, He has ASKED of us.

Humanity is not metaphorically said to have been made toward the end of God's Busiest Week Ever because we were an afterthought, Eden was the nursery prepared for this Piece of Work.

We were not made to take care of the environment.
The environment was made for us to inhabit.
We were not put on earth for the use of animals.
Animals are for our use.

Neither the agave arizonica nor the giant panda are made in the image and likeness of God, and your fellow human being is.

Unless we all internalize that truth, that homo sapiens, both those sharing the earth now and those as yet unborn, must be the main focus of our care for the environment, attempts to "save the planet" are not only worthless, but doomed to failure.

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