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Thursday, 7 April 2016

Of Waffles and Coincidence and the Hand of God

Been looking for a pizzelle iron, for cheap, (because while I enjoy eating them, I may find I don't particularly like making them, and if I bought one retail, even on sale, there would be thirty-some bucks wasted, and I couldn't bear throwing it out, so it would take up space in my kitchen  WHICH  IS  AT  A  PREMIUM  for ever and ever and ever.)

Monday I had some items for the St Vincent De Paul Food Bank, and after I dropped them off, I dropped myself in to the thrift store, (it's a good time of year for NWT clothes, household goods, etc., as snowbirds decide impulse purchases are not worth packing up and transporting.)

There was a perfect, tiny electric waffle iron, which I thought might just do, for $5.

So, looking up recipes, today, what do I learn?

The Annunciation, or "Lady Day, to the Swedes, ("Vårfrudagen,") which was, because March 25 fell in Holy Week, unwontedly celebrated on April 4, this past Monday, is also, jokingly, "Waffle Day," ("Våffeldagen.")

Clearly, the Blessed Mother wants me to have waffle cookies.

Of course, she would! She loves us all and wants us to be happy!

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