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Saturday, 2 April 2016

The Face of Evil In Europe

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Jan Bollen
Horribly, yes, (at least if Those Interwebs are to be believed, and Abraham Lincoln tells me they are.)
Doctors should be given power to kill patients who wish to die from euthanasia by harvesting their organs for transplants while they are still alive, a team of medical researchers in Holland have proposed.
Instead of dying by lethal injection, people requesting euthanasia could be legitimately killed as their organs are stripped from them on the operating table during transplant surgery, they have suggested.
This would allow surgeons to remove healthy and undamaged organs which could then be used to save the lives of other patients, they said in an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics, a publication owned by the British Medical Journal.
Such procedures would allow doctors to take a beating heart from a euthanasia patient, for instance, instead of having to wait until the person has died before the organ is harvested.
Really, why let severe depression, or mental illness, or tinnitus go to waste?

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