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Friday, 14 September 2007

I'm not...

... a Trad, but I play one on TV. Or rather, IRL.
That wonderful expression about "reinvigorating" the Novus Ordo with the "Virtues" of the Tridentine stick in my mind.
I am coming across as Traditionalist, I realized in conversation with the Silent Traditionalists in my parish, the people who have spent 40 years asking for something, and been denied, and who have given up, and don't all realize that they have to ask again, NOW.
Now their requests matter. Now they have some weight. Now they have recourse.
My situation is somewhat different, and not just because i am an employee who, yes, has to be politic because of her job, but also, has to be politic if I am ever to accomplish anything good.
Who, yes, may have to retreat from, or even not take the field in small battles, with an eye toward the big picture (the great war, that is not mine to win or lose.)
You can only accomplish what you can accomplish.
And you can't even accomplish that if you expend your energy on what you can't accomplish.
But that's all beside the point.
If I were not employed, and were free to participate where and when and how I would, the Extraordinary Form would not be my first choice.
But now, praise Benedict and the motu proprio, I am at least entitled to ask for that, whereas I am not entitled to ask for the Ordinary Form with the Ordinary sung in Latin.
Or the Ordinary Form with the priest facing ad orientem. Or the Ordinary Form with no jokes. Or the Ordinary Form without being asked to squawk Lord of the Dance. Or the Ordinary Form without a glad-handing rotary convention inserted where the Pax Christi is offered. Or the Ordinary Form where no adolescent in a football jersey will address me from the sanctuary. Or the Ordinary Form with no mention of Jambalaya or sports enthusiasms.

So I am asking for the Extraordinary Form.
And my aspirations are rightful.


Mara Joy said...

very nicely put!

Scelata said...

Thanks for visiting.
I've enjoyed your blog.
Wish I'd known about the Catholic blogosphere a few years ago when I was on the road, and consequently parish-hopping.
We attended some WAAAAAAY weird Masses in Michigan.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Timothy said...

I think very much the same way you do! I would prefer a very reverent Ordinary Form to the Extraordinary Form, but it seems that the Extraordinary Form is the only place that reverence can be found right now. It excites me, as I plan to enter Seminary soon, that one day, God willing, I will be able to celebrate the Ordinary Form in Latin and Ad Orientem, and even when celebrating in the vernacular I will be able to do it with reverence and in the way prescribed by the Church.

Anonymous said...

God bless you, Timothy, and prosper your plans!
Any idea what seminary? Are you aiming at becoming a diocesan priest, or joining an order?
And thanks for stopping by and commenting...

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Timothy said...

anonymous (I assume Scelata), I may be joining the Fathers of Mercy in Kentucky, though I have not applied yet. I will be going on a "come and see" weekend soon and I hope to apply after that (God willing.) They are a beautiful order who are very concerned with remaining completely faithful to the Magisterium of the Church. Their main apostolate is preaching Parish missions. Glad I found your your blog! Im enjoying it! God bless,