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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Gee, I dunno, what do YOU think it means?

I'm very good at reading the subtlest of clues and interpreting non-verbal clues from people, you know? I have a really high"emotional I.Q."

So I could tell exactly what he was trying to tell me when the pastor turned on his mic' and started BELLOWING in the middle of our processional hymn...

Nope, you can't get anything past me.

(I am not looking forward to the coming conversation when he resorts to verbal clues as to his thoughts on the tempi of hymns.
I'll try to explain sub-divided beats, and harmonic rhythm, and the way acoustics differ between a church the size of a city block where acoustic instruments are being used, and a conference room with an electric key board. Or maybe I won't.)

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