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Tuesday, 7 April 2009


eal“Feeling lost, confused? Have something to get off your chest? Sure, there are 1000s of products to clean your house, clothes, teeth, hair and anything and everything else. But there’s only one way to clean yourself from the inside out.”

Hmm... other than use of the phrase "almost baptized,",(which skirts doctrinal error, but the writers probably figured "almost newly baptized" would have the right rhythm to evoke the original hucksterism,) this doesn't seem like a bad direction in which to go.


No, this video by the Diocese of Brooklyn won't hit the right note for those in serious need of the sacrament.

But the good that it might do, frankly, is to get people who are "pretty good" into a Catholic Habit.

What's wrong with making your children attend every week even if it is only to enumerate those tiny lapses that we are all prone to, the white lies, the thoughtless word, the reluctant or delayed obedience?

The habitual practices of Catholicism has been lost by so many. But if one is accustomed to receiving this powerful sacrament on a fairly regular basis, there are two likely good effects -- one will find it easier to seek Confession out when ones need is more dire; and even more importantly, the graces obtained will make it less likely for one to fall into serious sin.

The liturgical and sacramental practices so neglected by so many for so long found a natural embellishment in all those little cultural markers and sacramentals also rejected by many nowadays.

The enemy knew what he was doing when his Useful Idiots tried to stamp out the seemingly unimportant markers of Catholic identity.

(I wonder what the results were -- was it successful? I realize even a single soul saved is a "success," but how'd it go? Our parish penance service last night had the largest crwod we've ever had for such an event.)

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