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Thursday, 2 April 2009

That Jesus is a Public Relations DISASTER!

Isn't He?
It's probably His handlers' fault.
I was reading the (UK) Times:

Like other Roman-occupied Judea watchers over the past few weeks, I have suggested that as Jesus barJoseph prepares for his crucial Passover next week, the Twelve need to overhaul their PR operation.

This comes in the wake of a series of messianic public relations disasters, from the affair over the declaration that their rabbi would give his followers his own flesh to eat, to the row during his Jerusalem Temple trip over money-changing.

As Avram the Journalist wrote in The Times the other day: "The media have moved into a 24-hour, seven-day global news system. The Jesus party has not.

It is no longer possible to run a world-transforming spiritual movement as a small-scale news operation. The Way is a structure with more than five thousand members (although some of those dining at the Loves an Fishes rally may have been free-loaders.)

This would-be Messiah succeeded John the Baptizer who was a genius at communication. Jesus does not have the same charisma. He should professionalise the Apostles' news operation".

I agree, the truth needs to be packaged to be more palatable.

Oops...I may have gotten a few of the particulars wrong in my cut & paste, you'd better go read the original.

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