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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Oh, no! not a Career Churchman!

Surely a dilettante, or someone looking for temp work, or maybe part-time in the off-season of whatever he really does would be a better fit for Archbishop of Westminster!
Vincent Nichols: Leading candidate to be next Catholic Archbishop criticised by fellow bishops

But those who hoped to bury Vin, not praise him, said he was "ambitious".

Yes, yes, I understand that a "careerist" may not be the holiest card in the deck (huh!?#?$? what kind of metaphor was that?) but if a churchman's ambitions lead to him making all efforts to get into the good graces of this Pope, have at it, Vin!
Better ambitious than do-nothing.

And nothing that I have read of him, (other than employing a potty-mouthed PR man, and that is a heckuva lot more forgivable than many things the PR guy may have said -- after all, some journalists are "little s88ts,") gives me other than warm fuzzies. (Although I understand his liturgical sensibilities may not be mine... since I'm not sure if that's because his liturgical theology differs, though, I'll reserve judgement.)

But which is worse, according to the press? being calculating? or having no flair for PR and refusing to be calculating?
Damned if you do, damned if you don't....

Another journalist reports he's a "goat" rather than a "sheep."

Well, St Michaels are just as handy for the Church to have around as Little Flowers.

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