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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Is this encounter pants-worthy?

The Feds came to question us this morning.
Or rather, a Fed.
I guess I can't use that locution, in the singular it just means some national financial authority, doesn't it?
Anyway, one guy with Homeland Security, pretty routine background check on a neighbor.
I was talking to him on the porch and would have done the interview, but Himself suddenly appeared from behind the portieres, so he answered the questionnaire.

He told me afterwards that the agent had caught sight of him lurking behind the curtain and was afraid if he hadn't come out, the agent might have thought something hinky was going on, e.g. I was a hostage.

So why were you hovering there like Polonius?

Oh, he says, says he, I was watching TV in my underwear, and before I went to any trouble to get dressed I wanted to see if what was going was pants-worthy.

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