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Thursday, 9 July 2009

More on Inter-species Genetics

I am patently the product of inter-species breeding , (funny that that just struck me today, after the warning from that Fox news guy.... timely, huh?)

But it becomes clear to me that I am neither hedgehog nor fox. Or rather, I am a little bit of each.

I do know "one great thing."

But it is hard for me not to be drawn into tangents.

And while I am intelligent, I am not original, (but who is? is there anything new under the sun?) so none of the "deep thoughts" on these many thing, these tangents, these spokes are anything I could not have come to more readily, if instead of heading out to the rim I had stayed at the hub, the One Great Thing.

Saints, whatever the breadth of their knowledge and interest and erudition, are, when it comes down to it, Hedgehogs.

Well-meaning people who insist on politicizing the Truth? Foxes.

Martha, Martha, thou art careful and art troubled about many things.... Martha was, at least at that point in her life, a Fox.
We have to assume she subsequently became a Hedgehog.

I want to get back to the center.

I want to choose the Best Part

The centrifugal force of living sends, or tries to send us all out into the Foxdom, and the life of faith is all about waddling back to the Hedgehoggy center.

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