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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

"Please turn now in your hymnals to # 638, A Boy Named Sue"

Jeffrey Tucker, riding his favorite horse, has posted a refreshingly strident piece (warning, a PDF,) about the sheer, bloody annoyance of having hymns that have been mucked about with foisted on captive congregations.
I concur with every point, and believe every word David Beresford has written, because the points and words are accompanied by a colorful graph.

At NLM where Jeffrey posted the link, a commenter calls the author's self-reported behavior boorish, rightly perhaps -- but I suspect Beresford of snarky hyperbole, I am sure his singing of the correct words is not all that loud....

Of course, it might nonetheless be distracting to surrounding worshippers -- I am speaking from personal experience: it seemed to me at Mass on Monday that the woman behind me was positively shouting out the words "God" or "God's" each time the missal enjoined us PIPs to say "Him," "He" or "His."

And surely she was not.

"Shouting," I mean. She was saying them but it probably did not rise to the level of shouting.

Quite aside from the fact that that would have been boorish, she is "in" liturgical ministry, and so certainly knows better.

Oh, wait, that should have meant she knows better than to have said it at all in the liturgy, regardless of her volume. Right?


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