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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Are there sins that merit excommunication?

A priest (who proclaims his failure to believe what the Church teaches in regard to... well,  many, many things, it seems,) said Monday , that:
he was ordained amidst Vatican II’s hopes for a more open Church willing to hear and respond to the laity. Then he lived through 40 years “of disappointment, when the main thing we heard from Church authorities was about law, what you could and couldn’t do, like the Pharisees in the New Testament,” he said, who were always fretting over minute details of Jewish law. “And not seeing how ridiculous the whole thing was, or how appalling it is to withhold the Eucharist instead of seeing it as nourishment for our weakness.” 
 From whom should the Eucharist be withheld? is there a time when it is not "appalling"?

There are the "sins that cry to heaven," of course.
Are those guilty and unrepentant of those deserving of the canonical remedy intended to impress on them the gravity of their sins?
Everyone the usual suspects seemed pretty much on board with a recent news report, (false, I am now tending to believe,) that a criminal, has served jail time, used-to-be-priest had been excommunicated.

Should Communion and the other sacraments be open to everyone who says he wants them?

I'm just asking.
And I'm sincerely asking.

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