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Friday, 21 November 2014

Needy and Wanty

It took several years of marriage, but eventually the one of us who didn't already know it learned the difference between wants and needs.

We laughed like a couple of loonies when a captive supervillain on The Tick could finally take no more of his logorrheic jailer, Maiden America who defended herself with more whining, "I can't help it if I'm emotionally needy," and he sneered back, "You're not needy, you're wanty!"

In talking with my CCD kids about setting priorities, and competing goods, I frequently remind them of the importance of distinguishing between wants and needs.

All that said, a British abortion provider who was apparently genuinely afraid for her safety because of the unpleasant way another woman laughed at her, claims that, "One in three women in the UK will need an abortion in their lifetime and we should be supporting them."

I just ask, "need"?

The reporter allows the assertion to go unchallenged.

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