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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Mudblood Catholic on Why He Is a Catholic

NewToMe blog, 'sgonna supply some very interesting reading ahead.
[I]f it is precisely the discharge of the office [of Pope],not the character of the man, that receives the graces promised by Jesus, then we may -- in my opinion, should -- expect everything not covered by those graces to go wrong, even with the Popes, sooner or later. Following Peter's career, I'd say that most of them went wrong sooner, and generally later as well. I think, too, that that applies to the Church as a whole. Romano Guardini, a theologian of the last century who influenced many important figures in the Church (such as Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis), once said, "The Church is the Cross upon which Christ is crucified; and who can separate Christ from His Cross?" I think that is exactly the right way of looking at it. I might say, as a sort of supplement, that, in the Church, everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, but that there is a scarlet cord of truth that will not break, and from that scarlet cord the whole house hangs as the city crashes down around it.
And that is why I am not greatly perturbed by the real wickedness of the Church.
The man is a good writer, interesting thinker, and communicates at a level that my obtuse self can get soemthing out of.
And addresses matters with which we've all struggled.

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