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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Understanding Francis the Holy Father

I have always liked Francis Cardinal George.
I happened to be in Chicagoland at the time of Cdl Bernardin's death, and then at George's installation, and was aware of how discreetly Cdl George put right a few things that were wrong, without announcements, and more, without criticism or shaming of the wrong doer. (I am not talking of criminal matters, here.)

Later when we moved to the area, I was fortunate enough to meet him several times, and felt an immediate affection for him -- I liked the guy, he was easy to talk to, genuinely payed attention to what I had to say, and had a terrific, natural, easy way with people.

I hope he enjoys his retirement, but more, I hope he will continue to be the wonderful influence he has been on the Catholic Church in America.

As I said, I've alwasy liked him, but I loved him when I read yesterday in the NYTimes, (don't have the link, but it's all over,) that he had said that the Holy Father,
"says wonderful things, but he doesn’t put them together all the time, so you’re left at times puzzling over what his intention is."

So it's not just me!
(And, need I add, it's not just the people who of whom Cdl Burke spoke who feel a trifle seasick as if the barque were adrift on choppy seas.)

This is the statement of Pope Francis's that I would surely like to have interpreted for me:
It is not possible to interfere spiritually in the life of a person.
Because I can't even.

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