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Monday, 17 November 2014

I've Mentioned Eccles Before...

"Eccles is Saved" is a mostly funny blog that I don't always get.
Usually when I fail to comprehend what is humorous about it, the cause is my unfamiliarity with British politicians, tv personalities, and customs.

I accept that, I'm American, even if I can google and wiki my way into some limited  knowledge, the specific attitude or opinion being referenced by the short-cut of name-dropping is just beyond my ken.


But I learn that there I have a greater problem -- things that are so absurd as to leave no doubt whatsoever that they are fiction, figments of Eccles whimsical wit, (at least in my mind)?

Some of them  prove true!!!!!

Yes, in that bastion of free-thinking, that glory of the educational system, Oxford University, many of the little darlings, students, members of one of its constituent colleges believe that a debate on the subject of abortion and the growth of Britain's "abortion culture" may prove too damaging to some peoples' "mental security," and must be suppressed.

The main objection from some potential protestors may just be the debates participants... oh dear, "two cisgender men."
A protest group, entitled "What the f^ 
 Alas, verifying that this was not a jape of Eccles has led me down a rabbit hole... what the deuce is a university "arranged marriage system"?

I mean, I can more or less figure out what, but seriously? why? did it ever accomplish its purpose?

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