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Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Need for Integrity in Spiritual Warfare

The devil gets to fight dirty, we don't.
This post is serious, this one was facetious.
The Planned Parenthood sting videos and the story behind them are in heavy rotation on TV and in internet and print media.
The second one released, the one with the Lamborghini "joke" was playing and some talking head or pol seemed to think the remark was a smoking gun.
And I, turning into everyones crazy aunt Edna talked back to the tv, nonsense.

Himself, being slightly more left-leaning than I, is rather fed up with how often at least one of the anchors on EWTN lapses into pure partisan politics on some matter that, in Catholic teaching, is prudential. And on matters that are not prudential, I also think he's grown weary of the way I grow all Socratic on him in an effort to explain why something we've just heard is simply correct, when properly understood in context.

So he was surprised when I was giving the PP official the benefit of the doubt, since the "joke," (the scare quotes are because - NOT FUNNY,) because funny or not, the sub-text was obviously that they were NOT seeking to get rich in this scheme.
(Compare it, if you will, to the average parish musician saying, yeah, I got into this racket to make money, or the organ donor I know who said, "'altruistic'? nah, I only did it for the hospital food...")

Aside from all that, the money is completely beside the point. Pro-lifers don't, or at least shouldn't really care about the legal niceties, other than as a wedge issue to bring attention to this.
We don't care about the money, or who was or was not profiting monetarily.
Let me repeat.
This commerce would not be any less heinous if no money changed hands.
Planned Parenthood and its policy makers and the government that supports them would be equally liable to judgement, (judgemnet of the kind that human courts have no power whatever to deal out,) if Planned Parenthood were giving money rather than accepting it for the transactions.

Is the 19th century American who left human beings as property in his will, or gave them as gifts, exonerated because no money changed hands?

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