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Saturday, 4 July 2015

... And This is Why I Love Priests

So a coupl'a priests walk into a bar....

No, no, it's not a joke. And the prest in question was in a bar
Just read this story.
wearing a Roman collar, identifying as a priest at all times, [emphasis added] has its effect.

This family, Father, Mother and Daughter, from Spain, They pull me aside as I am paying my bill and ask if I am Catholic, to which I reply, Yes.

The Daughter is going in for Brain surgery in the morning in [a] hospital known for this kind of work.  Papa was concerned his daughter had not found a priest to "confess."

I took care of her. And then made them wait as I went upstairs and retrieved my oils. Yes, they have always gone with me on my trips.  So she recieved the annointing of the sick,  The rite is on my iphone.

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