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Monday, 20 July 2015

Sacred Music Workshop in Georgia

A Summer Sacred Music Workshop, a collaborative effort between parishes in response to the pastoral plan of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, will be held at Our Lady of the Mountains Roman Catholic Church in Jasper, Georgia, on August 15, the Assumption.
Go to this page to register, sound excellent, wish I could attend.
Workshop Highlights:
  • Training in Gregorian Chant under professional church musicians, with choices of a chant class for beginners, and courses for advanced men or women.
  • Keynote lecture by Rev. David Carter, JCL, entitled: Re-discovery of the Church’s Sacred Tradition: II Kings 22
  • A panel discussion on the Liturgy and Sacred Music
  • Choral experience with one of the two choirs; a beginning polyphony choir or a choir for more experienced singers.
  • A Sung Mass in the Novus Ordo where you can apply what you learn.
  • A music packet including all the chants, motets and other helpful resources.

(A plea to the organizers, one that I always make at the CMAA Colloquium - any materials that are not copyrighted, hand-outs, texts of talks, etc - make them available on you web-site, please? Brick by brick, as they say, in this way you can nurture sacred music via persons in parishes that are not able to have someone in attendance.)
p.s. I'd go if possible just to gaze upon this, well done, Beyer Studio!!!!!!-

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