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Thursday, 23 July 2015

"Does God Want Everyone to Be Catholic?"

Excellent piece by John Martignoni.
The title says it all.
I'm only a little surprised, and maybe disappointed, that he does not go into the matter of God's Chosen People, and whether God wants them to come to know the fullness of truth.
(I have know, and known of, many, many Catholic who hold that since VC II, the Church understands that the Jewish people are not called to conversion to the Faith, moreover, that it is wrong of Catholics to try to bring them to it.)
I have a question that I quite often ask Catholics, and judging by the responses I get when I ask, the vast majority of Catholics have never before thought about this question, or their answer to it.  That question is: Does God want everyone to be Catholic?  I am willing to bet, for many of you reading this, that question has never entered your mind. But it needs to, because it is such an important question. The answer to that question will determine a lot in regard to how you respond to the calls of the recent popes, including Pope Francis, for evangelization....
The truth matters, and we need to respond accordingly.... 
Whether your answer is, “Yes,” or “No,” it requires something of you.[emphasis added]

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