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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Commiting Suicide... "Not That There's Anything Wrong With That?"

Speaking of the knee jerk revulsion to certain matters but the PC insistence that they are not wrong, or repellent -
How do the chattering classes decide amongst themselves when a suicide is "tragic", and when it is "courageous" and "inspiring"?
And what about The Powers That Be in, say, Belgium?
Do they have suicide prevention hotlines?
Or suicide encouragement death with dignity hotlines?
Are any suicides there officially tragic? Are there some suicides out of which the government and the society try to talk people?
Which are which?
I'm sure they know, and I'm sure they are right, and I'm sure that I am just too obtuse to comprehend on my own the differentiation between the hunky-dory ones and the bad ones, but how do our betters determine who goes on which list?
It's not just the method, is it? Is it how useful or useless the dead might have been in the eyes of the chatterer?
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