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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Dishonest Heart-tugging by CBS

Last night the national news had a touching piece about a badly wounded vet who was finally going to have a child with his wife, thanks to in vitro fertilization.

But thanks to the mean mean meanies who oppose abortion, the Veterans Administration won't pay for such procedures for vets whose reproductive organs have been damaged.

The reporting pretty much left it at that, as if "no help for soldiers who have lost their testicles" was some kind of casualty of an unrelated pro-life initiative, you know, the way congress like to tie extraneous amendments to must-pass bills as a way of sneaking them past media/constituents/sleeping congressmen?

They could have at least had the decency to explain that in vitro fertilization invariably involves the creation of multiple lives in the hope of obtaining on or two babies, the others that are not implanted to be destroyed, or frozen.
And in fact, even some that are successfully implanted are often times deliberately destroyed - "selective reduction" they call it, when they abort two or three of the quads a woman is carrying.

Opposition to in vitro by pro-lifers is not "the product of anti-abortion politics" it is the only logical attitude for us to have as long as the method continues to effect the creation and subsequent destruction of other human lives in the quest for one.

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