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Friday, 19 February 2016

In Fiscal 2014-2015, "for every adoption referral, Planned Parenthood performed 160 abortions"

In Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern, a coin is flipped.
There are only two possible outcomes, (in real life, does the coin ever end up on its edge?)
Heads or tails.
Heads or tails.
Heads or tails.
Both equally possible.

The previous outcome, even the previous thousand outcomes, has no real bearing on the probability of the next one.

But in an event with a moral component, its outcome subject to that outcome's capacity to beguile those involved, aleatoricism has very little place.

Despite their reminders, their insistence that Planned Parenthood is not just about abortion, it must be allowed that abortion  is, nonetheless, the service for which they are known and lionized.

They will kill your unborn baby for you, (or they will kill your inconvenient hook-up's baby for you, guys.)

So all in all, I don't find I strange that the outcome of a pregnant woman walking through their doors leans heavily away from adoption. (And it is not a binary situation - there is also the other reprieve for the baby, in which he is kept by his Mother.)
But it must also be said that by its own words and those of its supporters, its near fetishization of some "right" to kill the new life begun in you, it is clear that there is pressure to go with its disgusting flow and just abort.

I don't find it strange that by its own count abortions outnumber adoptions 160 to 1.

I don't find it strange.

I find it vile, obscene, appalling, outrageous, ugly, evil horrifying... but I don' find it strange.

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