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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

We Sing of Ourselves

When I post these, should I beg the indulgence of those who like the originals?
When I read this I was reminded of having recently read that Fr Roc O'Conner is considering the charge that we may sing about ourselves a tad too much...

1.Let's lay down a nice rhythm
A samba would be swell.
For praying or for dancing?
It's kinda hard to tell.
A hook that's really catchy,
And bouncy would be nice
Some cheery syncopation 'Cause it's a celebration
And not a sacrifice

Refrain: We sing of ourselves
We sing about us
To give You Your due,

Sing too much of You
Would seem too big a fuss
So humble and meek,
We doubt that You'd seek
To make Your worth and glory the center of the story,
So we'll sing of ourselves

2. Well, yeah, the text could center
On Him on Whom we feed.
But it just seems more nat'ral
To focus on our need.
And our preoccupations,
And what we'd like to do.
Then if we have some time left, some energy to rhyme left,
We might just mention You.

3. We've heard about Your passion
We've heard it all before.
But music that befits that
Could really be a bore.
Reflecting on that bummer's
Not how we want to feel
'Cause dying's sorta dreary, Let's just sing something cheery
And get on with the meal.

4.It's too much of a bother
Rememb'ring what we do
Is worthy of solemn'ty
Or mostly about You
We're here for affirmation,
Okay-ness, sweet and pat
We'll get more satisfaction from de - scribing our own action,

Let's concentrate on that.


Brian Michael Page said...

I had a hard time figuring out which original tune it was. I'm thinking "We come to your feast" (I only heard it once - ever; would I use it - never). Am I right?

Anonymous said...

That is the one.

You are indeed blessed only to have heard it once.

I should admit, my knowledge of Latin dance rhythms isn't all that good, IS it really a "samba?"

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World...)