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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

It occurs to me, as I wax wrothful about bigotry....

... that I may be culpable, as my pearl clutching  squawk about regietheater led me into use of the pejorative "eurotrash."

I am not europhobic.

I am not even trashphobic, as witness the delight with which I read the recommendation of a Famous and Important Chef, (of whom I had never heard, but then again, if one tries to limit outlay on restaurant meals to, oh, say, $5.96 a pop or so, what are the chances one will encounter the oeuvre of anyone Famous or Important?) in the NYTimes.

Brooks Headley says I can have ice cream sanwiches for breakfast, even tell how to make them, with toast and olive oil.
I don't "do" the flavor cited, (Cherry Garcia,) and don't much do white bread, for that matter -- but seriously, how fantastic does the idea of using a really rich pumpernickel and and even richer coffee ice cream sound?
Heck, it even sounds breakfasty!

I'm all a flutter at the thought...

Anyway, this genius pronounces his own idea "trashy."

So you see? I am NOT a bigot, I am NOT a snob.

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