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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Forgotten How to Forgive? Rather, How to Ask For Forgiveness

Putting aside what Archbishop Nichols is really talking about, for the moment, let us remember, when he says, (the article doesn't really quote him, but paraphrases, so if he didn't say exactly this, apologies,)
the Church has effectively forgotten how to forgive and must face up to the fact that people’s private lives do not always live up to an its “idealised vision” of family life.
Cardinal Vincent Nichols said compassion for the difficulties people face in their personal lives had not been the Church’s “strongest suit” in recent years. 
... that we are the Church, Her members, and it's no wonder if we don't know how to forgive when we have, as a group,  deliberately absented ourselves from the sacrament wherein we would learn from God how it's done.

Come on in, we'll leave the light on!

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