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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Would they phrase it that way for an adherent of another faith?

Michael Powell, a sportswriter for the New Yuck Times tells us in a piece about the NFL player that beat his fiancee unconscious that one of his "mentors" who probably helped stab some people to death is "taken with his own Christianity."

The man deserves to be called on his hypocrisy, sure.

It might even be appropriate to question the sincerity of his beliefs or his conversion.

But I somehow doubt that if the New York Times were calling out a Jew or Muslim or Momonism whose religion had nothing to do with the story at hand the phrase "taken with his own [specify sect or faith]"

They would, perhaps, show some contempt for someones brand of Islam, but other than Christianity, I'm pretty sure no faith would be subject to that kind of mediaspeak.

Hey, and while I'm whingeing about other peoples wording?

Did an NFL owner really say that seeing a man punch a woman unconscious, oh, okay, and then maybe spit on her was "a turn-off"?

A turn-off.


"The mind wobbles."

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