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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Religious (w)Rangling of RugRats.

RugRat Religious Wrangling, which, yes, that's what I've decided to call Sunday School, currently occupies very little of my time, but excessive amounts of my thought.

Tying to get a handle on being engaging while getting in content.

Thought I was so brilliant, the idea of the Faith as a roadmap for getting home,  for eventually joining our Father in heaven, figured out paper folding, what aspect of the "rules" could be on each page, how we could decorate them, (because sad to say, coloring and gluing are always a winner.)

I was talking to one child,  ahead of time, he polite but quizzical and then it hit me -- in the age of GPS, none of them have ever seen a roadmap.

A useless metaphor!

Happily, the idea that rules might be expressed negatively or positively and that what may at first appear to be a hurdle whhenne looked at from one angle, an obstacle, might really be a guardrail, a help and protection, was well received.

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