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Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Okay, as before with The Toast, if you follow the link, yes, there is bad language involved.
But some of it hurts, it's so funny.

Maybe I have a low threshold of amusement?
But i needed a laugh, and Mallory Ortberg was there for me.
Thank you, Mallory, whoever you are.
It's called "Unsatisfied Women In Western Art History."

A few little sips of the tall, frosty, and somewhat bubbly beverage...

babe what is it
what’s wrong
are there not enough leopard skins
i mean
if you call just two enough 

and here is your royal chair
no furs on it i see
just linens and gold
that’s fine, that’s fine

is that a problem?
well you clearly didnt think it was a problem
so i guess it’s not a problem
is it

why is this man talking to me
he doesn’t have any jewels on
i like his furs but he doesn’t have any jewels on
so why is he talking at me

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