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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Choosing Your Words

I have, more than once lately, bemoaned to myself that the Holy Father is not more careful in parsing his sentences, more wary of expressions that may be correct but are so loosely phrased that they help bolster positions which are not correct.

But today, in looking for some clue as to the actual beliefs of some public figure, I realized how artfully some manage to phrase their opinions and ideologies; how well they manage to protect themselves from being called out on their opinions thereby making themselves and their organization palatable to those who should be fighting them tooth and nail; how glibly the obfuscate such that they can support real evil and still be welcomed in circles that would be horrified if they succeeded in their goals.

So yeah, Pope Francis's off-the-cuff remarks in many ways are a tonic after the disingenuous cant coming from so many quarters. (Even if when he's wrong.)

Anyway, down the rabbit hole I found myself, and I came across a very pro-abortion page on Save the Children. (A charity to which I have happily given in the past.)
At least in the UK, they have a motto - NO CHILD BORN TO DIE.

Which sounds nice, right? Who could argue?
Except that ALL of us are born to die, all of us, every single member of the human race, (putting aside Catholic Mariology.)

We all know that, right? Save the Children certainly knows it, they are not pretending that their ministrations, their efforts, confer immortality, right?

So what does it mean?
I know it is difficult to whip up a punchy, sound-byte and letterhead accommodating slogan that no one could find objectionable.
None of us want a child to die.

But the fact is, they will. They do.

So it's hard not to think, (especially when one reads it at the top of a page such as i was on,) that what they really mean is, some children shouldn't be born, that unless he has a shot at a longer, more comfortable life, HE SHOULD NOT BE BORN.

Am I reading this wrong? Tell me.

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