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Sunday, 26 July 2015

"Of course I accepted the brains. It really wasn't my concern where they came from and how they were brought to me.”

So said one scientist, some years ago.
A modern day doctor has pretty much the same take on procuring human organs, because the donation is a “compassionate gesture...that is very generous and very altruistic.”

Thank goodness we have journalists to inform us, “fetal tissue extraction is for medical purposes and in some ways, is the silver lining of a very difficult process.”

If only Oskar Groening had had the compassion and generosity and altruism to keep track of body parts instead of cash - he could have received acclaim from the media, and grants from grateful governments, instead of, oh... standing trial  for war crimes.

He could have been the silver lining in the Holocaust.
And before anyone goes calling the Godwin's Law Corallary on me...
Image result for stalin LAUGHING
You compared my actions to the Nazis', therefore...
In some situations what would otherwise be hyperbolic comparisons are apt.

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