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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Woe is I

Was given a Very Valuable, or so I have gathered, bottle of whisky.

Image result for jameson brown label whisky
Enjoyed its exotic and perplexingly complicated flavours.
Who knew that Jameson uses, not barley alone with its "pure Irish Water from the Dungourney River", but maize from some French source?
Maize? Yeah, corn.
Sometimes, what I yearn for is not so much relief from the symptoms of my allergy, but merely definitive knowledge of what the culprit was, what comestible caused me to awaken looking like Jake LaMotta.
Image result for jake lamotta
And that, I was granted.
So, yes, when I opened my eyes this morning.... I couldn't open my eyes.
Live and learn.
All in all, its coming upon me in a week between activities and obligation - meh, coulda been woise.

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