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Saturday, 18 July 2015

"Dignity, Majesty and Prodigious Richness”

A parish in Colorado honored their patroness with  newly composed polyphonic music.
(Perhaps a full set of propers for Our Lady of Mount Carmel, not sure from the article, or how precise the author is with her terms.)
This sort of grass roots re-enchantment of our liturgies is what, ultimately, will succeed.
Th two composers,
decided to draw on the Church’s sacred music tradition to celebrate its feast day.
They drew on the polyphony sounds of the Renaissance, known in the musical world as the height of perfection for liturgical music. The sound adds a “dignity, majesty and prodigious richness” to the Mass, Venerable Pope Pius XII wrote in his 1955 encyclical Sacred Music....
“We can write music in the 21th century that’s just as beautiful,”

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