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Friday, 17 July 2015

Idiots and Animals

I'm not a "pet" person, so my opinions of the subject should be taken with a dose grain of salts.
But inescapably, as a member of an enormous family, both immediate and extended, I am often surrounded by them. Besides your ordinary B flat dog and cat owners, we also have those who rescue and foster, and those who've made the humane society their careers.
You know, now that I think of it, it is not so much that I am not a "pet" person, as that I am not a "pet owner," person.

It is not unlike my attitudes towards unpleasant children and their parents, (I can't believe I'm saying this, after scolding idiots for holding up their animal companions as the equal in value and rights to children.)

Very seldom does one encounter a truly unpleasant child whose parents are not enabling, even actively encouraging the unpleasantness.
Irresponsible parents are going to have children it is horrid to be around, and the same goes for pet owners.

Anyway, thanks to the grand guignol television that is Game of Thrones, too many idiots want to have dogs that resemble wolves, are acquiring animals they can neither feed, house, nor exercise properly.
But I'm not sure Simon Barnes has put his finger on the root of the problem.
That is just the extreme manifestation of something that lies deep in all humans and it is the idea that all non-human animals are ours to treat as we will: without any need for rights, consideration or common sense. They don’t matter. They can be cuddly toys, they can be jokes, they can be anything we want.
Because surely it is a far greater problem, a far greater evil, that the same lack of consideration, and projection of fantasies is directed at human children, who are seen as merely property, accessories, fulfillers of ambitions - and yes, as a source for spare parts.
Image result for cecile richards smiling
"Sorry about the tone, you guys! Trust me, we are NOT casual
about making money from the babies we dismember, it's serious business for us."

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