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Sunday, 19 July 2015

"Missionary" Identity?

Catholic World Report discusses the foundering of  Catholic print media in Italy.
A Catholic-inspired magazine that was once a leader in publishing opinions in Church discussions will quit publication by the end of the year, evidence of a crisis that have been plaguing Catholic magazines during the last decade.
“Il Regno,” a bi-monthly magazine which began publications in 1956, before the Second Vatican Council, will cease publication following a decision by the Northern Italian Province of Dehonian Fathers, who are the publishers of the magazine....

A lack of missionary identity today could be one reason why Catholic magazines are now facing difficulty.
Having trouble understanding how this can be looked at apart from the crisis print media in general is undergoing.
At least in the US... is it not the same in Italy? How is the main stream print media doing in Italy?

But perhaps more to the point, who cares about "missionary identity," in a time of fading Catholic identity? Don't you think that is part, perhaps the greatest part of the problem? How is the Faith to be spread by those who have it not?
The failure of genuine oecumenism, (as opposed to a can't-we-all-be-friends-let's-just-agree-to-disagree ethos, which is going gangbusters, thank you very much,) in the wake of the Second Vatican Council highlights this all too well.
Nemo dat quod non habet

Please understand, I am not criticizing the good men and women who work for the propagation of the faith, nor questioning their faith, but I do question their focus - the nominal Christian, Catholic, perhaps even the man or woman in religious life sitting right next to them needs to be evangelized, converted.

Any party or sect or group of any sort that puts more emphasis on gaining adherents than emphasis on that, or rather on Him and Her to which they adhere? Doomed.

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