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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Another Restless Heart...

... this time, in the breast of a thirteen year old boy.

Interesting story in the NYTimes, a child raised without Faith by his lapsed Catholic, (and one-time monk,) Dad and un-churched and perhaps anti-Catholic Mom, wanting, looking for, needing something.

And finding at least some of it by leading his parents to the local Presbyterian church.

(Led there partly by Beauty, incidentally. Don't say it doesn't matter.)

(And drawn in deeper by fellowship. Don't say it doesn't matter.)

Am I the only one who read of the boy's impending confirmation and wondered, where does it say he was ever baptized?

A point the story makes, albeit only implicitly, and even, perhaps, without the journalist's awareness, is what bringing offspring into the world is designed to do for parents, it is a cliche how often young adults feel the need to "go back," whether to church or family or tradition, only at the birth of a child.

Note the ages of these parents.

Deferring parenthood until it's convenient seems to thwart a design, no?

I'm just askin'....

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