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Sunday, 14 June 2009

I love my choir...

Well, they're not mine, I suppose I'm theirs.

Anyway, they were wonderful this morning.

Excellent job on the Sequence, (short version, alternating the chant with verse from an 18th c. four-part motet.
Nice, supported and blended sound on the hymns' harmonies (the Fight Song, Let All Mortal Flesh/PICARDY, O Saving Victim/DUGUET, Alleluia Sing to Jesus/HYFRYDOL,) they kicked on the postlude (Saint-Saens' Tollite Hostias,) and were just fine on everything else, (including my adaptation of a snatch of melody from the Gregorian Ave Verum for the Responsorial Psalm. I had done the same thing 3 years ago, but it was too close to the actual chant and someone had a fit. So this time, I made it more recognizably rhythmic and added harmonies. And that someone wasn't at a single Mass, so I could have gotten away with it. Oh well... I'm trying not to think in terms of "getting away with" things.)

Oh, and the harmonies on the Vermulst People's Mass sounded quite wonderful, (often, they, no, we are too.... insistent? yes, that's the word.)

Liszt's O Salutaris
Webbe's Litany of the Sacred Heart
The Canticle from Daniel (WAYFARING STRANGER)
Mozart's Ave Verum

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