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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Restorificationizing the Sacred?

According to Holy Smoke's Damian, Westminster Cathedral, (the site of an Archbishop's Installation mass that thrilled people around the world last month,) is, not so much undergoing a renovation as declining to re-wreckovate.

The freestanding altar is gone for good in favor of the high altar.

I have a soft spot for Wesminster Cathedral, it was the first place my non-Catholic husband knelt.

Yes, the seats and kneelers were separated by too great a gap, (mind the gap!) for Himself to execute what he calls "the Protestant Lean," an effort by which Methodists at Mass attempt to make themselves inconspicuous.

It's my belief that this instance of being obliged to kneel for the consecration is what initiated his hunger for the Body and Blood of Christ, and started him on the road to Rome to satisfy this appetite.

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Gavin said...

I've noticed that too. I call it the "Anglican crouch", as it's very prominent at Episcopal churches. It's not so much kneeling as really sloppy sitting, and it can't be good for the back.

Then again, if you've ever been to an Episcopal church with REALLY old pews, that's exactly how you have to do it. I'm always amused by being the tallest person while kneeling (at 5'9"), but when I went to a historic Episcopal church down south, the pews FORCE you to do that! They're so close together and there's a sizable railing on them, so that the only way you can kneel is with your butt on the pew and knees hovering half an inch over the kneeler.

Then again I tend to do the same at EF Masses - you have to kneel for so long that keeping "proper" posture can be extremely tiresome!