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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Studying the "American Documents" in Rome?

My understanding is that the the subject is pretty much responsible for the content of entries is this grade of "Who's Who."

So what exactly do you suppose is meant by this:
[A Catholic liturgical musician] studied in Rome and was exposed to the world view of American documents [emphasis supplied] and other ministries.
I have never thought myself to, or wanted to, belong to the "American Catholic Church", or the "US Catholic Church"; and so far as I know, (I am open to correction on this,) the bishop of Atlanta, or the bishop of N'awlins, or the USCCB as a whole, or committees thereof have no more authority over me than the bishop of Juticalpa or of Qacha's Nek.
It has always irked me that so much emphasis was put by liturgical PTB on "our" documents (or what they tried unsuccessfully to convince me were "our" documents,) rather than universally authoritative documents.
In 2003, at how many nipmishy gatherings I attended did a presenter wax laudatory and nostalgic over the anniversary of MCW, already on it's way to oblivion then, while ignoring this.
This musician's CV may not be illustrative of such an instance, of course, it may just be oddly worded.

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