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Saturday, 20 June 2009

F'Cap & the "Language" of Christianity

In the latest "Tidings" from the Liturgical Institute, its erudite and charming director, has a few words to say about participatio actuosa, the way the sloganeering use of the "colloquial understanding" of its usual translation carries the risk of a betrayal of the actual principle represented by the phrase.

(Yes, regardless of the sputtering and fussing from the F'Cap Deputies, "perhaps even introverts can participate 'actively'." There's room for the Publican!)

I liked this from Fr. Martis: "regardless of the FORM of the liturgy [emphasis supplied, he did not capitalize the word, but I'd like to think that was a nod to, a coded encouragement to, the still-beleaguered-in-some-places devotees of the Extraordinary Form], the faithful will always have the ability to participate actively if the notion flows from what is happening in a person's mind and heart.

Perhaps the most significant need today is that the faithful develop their understanding of the Chrsitian cultural symbols."

He goes on to speak of how it matters not a jot whether one has heard the word water, or agua or aqua -- if it conjures images and thoughts of H2O rather than Baptism, the Flood, or that which flows from the rights side of the Temple.

"At the Liturgical Institute we pray in Latin and in the vernacular WITHOUT STIGMA [emphasis supplied]... For us, language is not a political statement, but is seen as a natural aspect of our Catholic faith and celebration."

And that's why, the last time I was conversing with Cardinal George, (I am phrasing it like that because it is strictly true and yet it manages to imply the outright lie that His Eminence and I are old buds, and chat all the time; it was the last time I spoke with him, and it is also the only time ;oP) ) I thanked him for the Liturgical Institute.

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