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Thursday, 25 June 2009

What is this, the Seventy-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time?

Good morning, and welcome to Our Lady of Perpetual Noise. Our celebrant is Father Makesitupashegoesalong. After you stand and greet your neighbors, our opening hymn is "How Great I Art," number three hundred forty-two in the green "But Enough About Me, What Do YOU Thinkg About Me, God?" Hymnal, and our readings are those for

The Seventy-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dr Mahrt's address last night was on Sacred Space and Sacred Time, and the words in red are one of his lines.
Also: the re-ordering of the Sundays after Pentecost is the work of people who sit in little rooms without windows.
I am coming late to this realization, (since the current calandar is all I have ever known,) but indeed, great violence was done to the liturgical year in the new liturgical calendar produced by the Troubles, er..... I mean, the Reforms.

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