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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

"Ya mean like somethin' IMPORTANT was happening?"

I wish every Catholic in America could experience Mass as we did this morning at the Colloquium.

The gentle, loving care with which every, single aspect of this most sacred, most awesome of human endeavors was approached simply has to be instructive, cannot fail to be evangelical.

And the remarkable thing is that this rarest of events many places, is ROUTINE here.
(This is only possible because no one treats it as if it were.)

Through a strange series of events, (no good deed going unpunished,) I was separated from my seat, and more, my music and glasses just as Mass was beginning, and so sat most things out, vocally speaking -- physically slothful though i am, I will be delighted to engage in a smack-down of anyone who say mine was not, therefore, participatio actuosa.

And I was actually so overjoyed to be able to look, to be able to listen.

And hopefully, my moment of being so overcome that rivulets run down my fat face is now out of the way, and nothing else this week will make me weep.

I am very keyed up about that Vittoria tomorrow.... Wilko is a fascinatingly good conductor.

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