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Saturday, 5 December 2009

New Hymn

Apologies to Horatio Bonar...
1. Come, bishops, tarry not
New missals aim our way!
O why these years of waiting here,
These ages of decay?

2. Come, for we PIPs still wait;
Daily ascends our sigh;
The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come”;
ICEL, O heed their cry.

3. (corrected) Is you work fin'lly done?
Fish! we cry, or cut bait!
You have all dithered far too long,
No longer will we wait.

4. Father, obstruct this not,
Stand not in progress's way,
Leave off your whinging and your ploys,
Your tactics to delay.

5. At last! translations new,
Faithful, and good and true.
If you defy the Church, well then...
Who's wrong, the Church or you?

(Corrected)ST BRIDE?

Needs some work, but for now...


Anonymous said...
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Chironomo said...

St. Thomas (The Advent of Our King, etc...) works well with the accent pattern on your text.

Do you say "PIP's" as "pips" ... i.e a one syllable word? If you say P-I-P's then it doesn't work.

Chironomo said...

Oh... the third verse third line is two syllables short...maybe "You've all delayed for far too long"?

Scelata said...

Thank you, good catch on the missing foot.

I cannot seem to recall the name of the hymn tune I had in mind...

(Save the Liturgy, save the World)