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Sunday, 30 March 2014


For the very first time as a married woman, and the first time as a home-owner, I am about to entertain a household full of people (family wedding, LENT, don't I know it?)

Himself is a twitter because we, okay, because I am a slob.

He just harvested bananas, than which, (fresh, non-corporatedesignedforeaseoftransport,) there is little tastier.
So while making banana bread I performed an amazing trick, after the first, (fats, liquids, sugars,) stage i turned off the mixer, the better to sift, my dear.
And while I was doing so, the mixer jumped off the counter, (bad enough,) and somehow landed on its switch and began spinning for all it's worth, spraying the kitchen with a silken mixture of dark brown sugar, sour milk, eggs and mashed bananas.
Okay, I washed the little rugs, but the rest of it?
Dropped a cleaning wipe on the floor, and swabbed it around with my foot.


Yeah, I dust that way sometimes, too....

(Oops, just realized, the incident caused me to omit the cinnamon and allspice. Tant pis.)

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