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Monday, 24 March 2014

"One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic?" Little triumphs...

All the CCD teachers received the same Letter last week, reminding us that we were there to teach the truth, and that we had resources to know that truth, and that we were not to pass on ideas that were contrary to the truth, REGARDLESS of how we had done things for the last forty years.
And finally, that parents were coming in for, "Ya know what that religious ed teacher of yourse told my kid?" conversations.
The parents were given a variation on that blog post at NYTimes the other day, something to the effect that if parents promise not to believe every word they hear about what went on at school, we promise not to believe every word we hear about what goes on at home.

(The Letter made me very happy, actually, once I just bit the bullet and asked the boss point blank, Is it I?
It is something that NEEDS TO BE SAID.
But I had to be sure it wasn't obliquely addressed to our class specifically.
The only reason I was concerned was that in the sacraments we had just finished the minefield that is the discussion of marriage nowadays, and I had been at great pains to reiterate and express in every way I could think of, what the Church teaches about Holy Matrimony without getting, to quote one girl, "all judgey," and to hammer home that we spoke of principles, not persons.
From the questions we fielded, to my surprise it did not seem as if any of them have friends or realities in same-sex relationships, whihc was my initial fear, but we already knew that a good third of the class has more than two parents a piece.
Anyway, I needed to know if any concerns had been expressed about that session of that class, to determine if we needed to revisit the subject, but phew!  I digress.)

Anyway, yesterday, we talked about the four marks of the Church, the difference between big c and little c "catholic," and unity without false ecumenism.
As all the classes gathered for prayer at the end, the Head, as she often does, asked if anyone had learned anything that day they wanted to share.
Only 1st or 2nd graders ever raise their hands, but there was one of our girls, a girl who never asks questions, never contributes to discussions, and seems to resent being there, waving her hand in the air

I learned that the Church is meant for EVERYBODY, anywhere, everyone who wants to can be a Catholic.

Joycean, no? (And I should admit, no, I've never really read Finnegan's Wake.)

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