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Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Meek Warrior

Sandro Magister can be a bit overwrought (or do I just think that because of reading him in translation from the Italian?) and he can be a bit too Look-At-What-I-The-Insider-Knows, but this is an interesting take on the contradictory manner in which the media, at least in this country, treat of Benedict, compared to the treatment given both his predecessor and his replacement:
[W]orldly cunning could not have been used against ... Benedict XVI. He, the meek one, preferred conflict in the open field, with the courage of the yes that means yes and the no that means no, "in season and out of season," as in Regensburg, when he lifted the curtain on the theological roots of the connection between faith and violence in Islam, and yet again on the "non-negotiable" questions. This is why the world was so ferocious with him.

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